Je n'aime plus la mer


Stories of refugee children that fled their homes and crossed the Mediterranean to get to Europe. 
Age 12+

They come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Eritrea. Accompanied by their parents, they have escaped from war and persecution. Forced out onto the roads, despite their tender years, these exiled children have had to face many perils as they try to reach Europe. Others have never succeeded in completing this trek; consumed by the Mediterranean Sea, freezing mountains or slave trade networks. But once in Europe, in Belgium, how do you start out again, make a place for yourself in an environment that is entirely different from your own town or village, in the middle of the countryside in a Red Cross welcome centre? Told from the children’s perspective, the film puts their voices centre stage as they start the long wait to be recognised as a refugee. The only thing left from their homes are images, emotions, nightmares and fears. And all of them share one thing: they no longer like forests, mountains, and the sea.

Serge Kollwelter (Ronnen Dësch), expert for migratory issues, will take part in discussions with the students after the screening.

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Belgium, 2018 | 68 min | OV with German subt. | Documentary
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Tuesday, 12 November 2019




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