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You have one or more apple or pear trees and do not know which variety(ies) you own? Then we offer you the opportunity to change this with the help of the pomologist Richard Dahlem. As an expert in the determination of fruit varieties, he can tell you which variety(ies) they are and what they are suitable for.
What do you have to do?
Collect a minimum of 5 apples/pears from each tree and bring them to our drive-in. Here you show the respective samples and Mr. Dahlem will assign them to a variety. When collecting the fruits, please make sure that the individual samples are marked in such a way that they can be assigned to the corresponding tree again afterwards.
The determination of the variety is interesting for both you and us, as it shows us which varieties are located where.
When and where do the drive-ins take place?
The first date is on 3.10. to Born in the inner courtyard of the producers Ramborn (23 Duerfstrooss, L-6660 Born).
Time: 9:00 h – 12:00 h
The second date is on 10.10. in Schrondweiler on the car park in front of the „Epicerie am Duerf“.
Time: 14:00 h – 17:00 h
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Saturday, 10 October 2020




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