Culture house in Diekirch

13, rue du Curé
L-9217 Diekirch
T +352 80 87 90 1

Formerly presbytery, built in 1754.
The Culture House is twinned with the Historical Museum Diekirch and offers temporary exhibitions and creative activities.

Maison de la culture 01

Wirtgen Castle in Diekirch

1, place Wirtgen
L-9293 Diekirch

Built in 1825, nowadays the school of music.
Closed for the public.

Château Wirtgen 03

"Deiwelselter" - devil's altar

Dolmen, prehistoric monument dating from the 2nd millennium B.C., reconstructed in the 19th century. The "Deiwelselter" is considered as megalithic grave.

Accessible via the hiking trail Diekirch R.