Nestled between the hills Haardt, Goldknapp and Herrenberg lies on the banks of the river Sauer Diekirch, a picturesque little town that has a lot to offer lovers of local character.

The donkey, Diekirch's mascot, can be found in every corner of the city, because its inhabitants are wholeheartedly committed to this animal, which may perhaps be regarded as stubborn, but by no means as stupid.

In any case, the days when the Diekirchers felt insulted, if they were called a donkey, are long gone.

Diekirch is a culturally rich place, but also offers many opportunities for fun and relaxation for young and old.

The cultural highlight of the city is, of course, the old St. Laurence Church in the heart of the old town, the oldest church in the country, whose foundations date back to Roman times.

Next to it is the newly established "Historical Museum", which shows the history (s) of the city in a vivid way.

The "National Museum of Military History" is also a "must", as it tells the story of the Ardennes offensive (Battle of the Bulge) by dioramas of a natural size and a rich fund of war material, which severely affected the north of the country.

Lovers of historic automobiles will enjoy the "Conservatoire National de Véhicules Historiques", which, incidentally, is set up in the garage, which used to be the first foreign dealership for Benz cars.

Another attraction is the new cinema complex "Scala" with its five ultra-modern designed halls.

The historic core of the city invites you with its pedestrian zone, which by the way, was the first of the country to be set up (1978) for strolling and relaxing on one of the inviting terraces.

A visit to the city should not only be influenced by the rich manifestation calendar, but also by the variety of recreational activities: fishing, walking and jogging, cycling, paddling and playgrounds in a natural environment.

There should really be something for everyone.