Neighbour's Party in Diekirch


Why a Neighbours’ Day?

Inviting your neighbours promotes the neighbourhood’s or village’s social cohesion, conviviality and solidarity. This is the aim of the European Neighbours’ Day which will take place on Friday, 24th May 2024. Make that first step and introduce yourself to your neighbours you don’t know yet.

Who organises Neighbours’ Day?

You, by inviting your neighbours.

Where to invite your neighbours?

In your courtyard, your entrance hall, your garden or your flat, in a public square, in a park or simply in the street...

How to organise Neighbours’ Day?

-Contact your local authority to ask support in the organisation of your Neighbours’ Day. They will be able to provide you with invitations, flyers, posters, advertising banners, benches and tables, barriers to close and secure the street, etc. ...

-Download the posters, flyers and invitations on nopeschfest.lu

-Put up posters and hand out invitations to your neighbours.

-Get in touch with your nearest neighbours, get together and organise Neighbours’ Day together.

-Distribute invitations with a date, time and place in your neighbours’ mailbox.

-Agree on a formula: a simple appetizer, a salad bar, a barbecue, a desert competition. Remember the children!

-Everyone can contribute by bringing food and drinks.

-Remember to prepare decorations and music while also respecting the neighbours who may not want to participate.

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Friday, 24 May 2024 - 10h00