The old Saint Laurence church in Diekirch

Diekirch at the time of antiquity

Under Roman rule the country is subject to a territorial attribution for the first time : administratively Luxembourg belongs to the territory of the Treveri ( a Belgic tribe) and as such is part of the Gallia Belgica. An efficient road network develops, linking emerging towns and colonies. Farm estates are built all over the territory to supply an increasing population. Such a farm estate (a villa rustica) is built in Diekirch, probably during the first century A.D.

During the crisis of the 3rd century the main building is abandoned and falls into ruin. Some outbuildings are still used, though. In the seventh century one of these outbuildings is at the origin of the first church in the area : today’s Old Saint Lawrence Church.

The decanal Church in Diekirch

The Saint Laurence Church was built in 1867/68 on the site of a former Franciscan monastery church 1673-1796. A stele, a vestige of the ruins of the Franciscan monastery and a pièta, created by Achtermann (1799-1884) can be seen inside.